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SAP Offers Affordable Payment Plans to Help You Stay Within Budget

SAP Financing provides payment plans that cover the total cost of your entire SAP solution – including software, hardware, maintenance, and services – so you can acquire your entire solution through one trusted source. Plus, a predictable payment schedule with no hidden costs makes it easier to plan your budget.

Use SAP Financing to Take Advantage of:

  • All-inclusive service – Bundle your SAP software, SAP BusinessObjects software, non-SAP software (on the SAP price list), services, maintenance, hardware – even the internal costs associated with your project – into a fixed monthly payment.
  • Extended payment plan – Spread the cost of your entire SAP investment over a period of up to seven years, for improved return on investment.
  • Affordability – Defer your initial payment until the project becomes operational (up to 12 months) – so you can start to realize benefits even before your payments begin.
  • Flexible payment structure – Customize your payment plan in fixed or variable monthly payments to best meet your budget and cash-flow requirements.
  • Expert advice – Get expert advice from SAP's financing partners, who can help you pick the best financing options for your company and streamline the approval and documentation process.

Financing is subject to qualification through third-party financing programs and requires credit approval.



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