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Consulting for One Quality Statement

The nature of Consulting for One’s business is such that continuously striving for excellence is critical to meeting our customers’ expectations and our success. Quality programmes are in place to enable improvement in Delivery, Sales, Customer Management and Services. Consulting for One pride themselves in being part of SAP’s sophisticated PartnerEdge partner programme which provides guidance and adherence to SAP recommended implementation management and methodologies.

The key to successful implementations is often the seamless integration of the many deliverables from the partner and the business. Delivery against legal contracts does not guarantee the success of the solution in the business. Errors happen through poor alignment of deliverables or a narrow focus on distinct deliverables. Consulting for One adheres to the SAP 10 quality principles in all implementations to help assure a successful implementation and also can support the customer to decide on the best quality programme for their needs. Ideally such a program spans across all parties and ensures collaborative quality standards that translate into business success. Consulting for One offers services to support customers in their development and execution of such collaborative quality programmes. Again the quality principles can help a customer to systematically evaluate the situation and make an informed decision how and when to use additional services, for example.

Consulting for One’s delivery services adhere to strict quality standards designed around industry best practise guidelines (e.g. from the Project Management Institute), on going internal reviews to ensure adherence to those guidelines, and improvement initiatives to continuously better and validate our standards and guidelines. Consulting for One’s internal processes include a strict formal quality programme to monitor all accounts against formal risk criteria. Based on the specific risks in each account, mitigation actions are taken and enforced with appropriate visibility and involvement of management. This quality programme primarily applies to how Consulting for One sell; ensuring that customers are given the necessary information to make informed decisions about their solution and implementation options. Consulting for One strive for ethical business conduct and consistently meeting customer’s expectations. In summary, Consulting for One strive to follow SAP best practise principles for quality programmes and strategic risk management.

How does Consulting for One prevent and address Quality issues as they arise?

Consulting for One has formal communication channels that allow for the quick and effective management of issues as they arise. Depending on the nature of the issue and its severity different processes apply: All technical issues need to be formally logged and are processed depending on their severity. This process is clearly documented and proven. A 24 hour help line is also in place for customers to enquire and follow-up on issues where the normal process appears inappropriate. All non technical issues can be raised with the responsible Consulting for One Account Manager.

Consulting for One follows the SAP formal certification standards assessing consultant skills and recommended implementation methodology. Consulting for One also follows the SAP 10 quality principles that can empower the customer, together with Consulting for One to design their own quality programme and control the delivery of all partners against quality standards that translate into clear business success.

Does Consulting for One have a system for Customers to report Quality problems ?

Consulting for One operates a formal system to log quality issues of existing software functionality. This is also linked into the SAP support system through Solution Manager and a 24x7 helpline is in place for our customers. For more information please refer to the PartnerEdge Maintenance contract. All implementations are given remote technical checks by SAP as part of the maintenance contract, and these are offered per installation. The purpose of these services is to give timely advice to customers but also enable Consulting for One to follow up with any recommendations to help ensure success.

How are Service Quality problems corrected?

Service quality (as opposed to product quality) is usually captured in the regular meeting between a customer and the assigned management representative from Consulting for One. Problems are usually corrected by first exploring the matter using the Consulting for One formal risk management process.

Consulting for One are supported by the Active Quality Management Organisation at SAP, to enable joint decision making as relevant and finding the most appropriate course of actions. SAP facilitate the Consulting for One process through proven methodologies, best practise advice and a number of templates and processes. Service quality (as opposed to product quality) is also usually captured in this regular meeting.

Consulting for One track Customer satisfaction.

Consulting for One is in the process of implementing an annual formal customer satisfaction survey. The results are summarised and improvement initiatives are executed. Each customer results are also reviewed and action plans are required for all satisfaction rating below average.


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Consulting for One have been awarded with a reseller status for SAP All in One.