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At SAP, we recognize the vital role our partners play in our ecosystem – a community of organizations and individuals focused on a common goal – customer success. Our partner programs provide a strong foundation of support and collaboration that fosters unparalleled value and mutual business success for our customers, our partners, and SAP.

Emerging business challenges require holistic thinking. SAP partners operate in an unmatched collaborative environment where together they can accomplish more. Together partners overcome traditional barriers to growth and profitability, like the need to move faster than the competition and the uncertainty surrounding change and innovation, through relevant industry relationships. The results? Partners work together to seek high-growth opportunities, reduce the cost of development and drive new sources of innovation for the company, and for their customers. Partner solutions become part of the "whole" solution for customers where shared interests and goals are realized and new opportunities are revealed.

Our partners share SAP's passion for customer value. Together we create a thriving ecosystem in which our valued partners can be successful – a win-win situation for all. SAP is committed to supporting our partners through our award-winning, recognized partner programs, like the SAP PartnerEdge program – the framework built and designed to ensure success for SAP channel partners, now in the process of expanding its coverage to software and services partners. These partner programs focus on:

  • Greater market exposure and expanded business opportunities
  • Rewards for sales success, solution development, and the ability to satisfy our mutual customers
  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives
  • Access to a broad and growing customer base
  • Market development funding
  • Technical expertise on SAP platforms and solutions
  • Co-innovation and co-development
  • Collaborative planning and execution

Partnership Categories

SAP offers global and local partnership categories for every strategic business area and customer need in all market segments. So no matter your area of expertise, you can have an opportunity to grow your business by aligning with SAP.

As an SAP partner, you can participate at varying levels of commitment – from far-reaching global alliances to local, industry-specific collaborations. At every level, you can rely on SAP for intensive, back-office marketing support, sales support, technical services, training, and certification opportunities. Learn more about partnering with SAP and our partnership categories.



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